Are You An Independent Woman? 5 Strong Bias Faced By An Independent Woman!

Independent Woman Power
Independent Women by Tima Miroshnichenko

An independent woman is intimidating!

An independent woman is rude and self-centered!

An independent woman is a loner!

We, as social animals, have a habit of judging. We judge ourselves, our family and friends, colleagues, neighbors, and even passers-by. But most of all, we gauge independent women. Women have to struggle for their righteous place in society, always. Elizabeth C. Stanton and Lucretia Mott fought for women’s equality rights in the great USA in 1848. Sarojini Naidu fought for the rights of widows in 1908 and for Indian women’s right to vote in 1917.

Women are the epitome of revolt and strength. They are labeled as “independent” in their quest for equal rights. Although independent is a positive adjective, it becomes a headache for the ruling party and an endless struggle for the bound (women, in this case). Yet, the fruits of independence are sweet and long-lasting.

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5 Bias Faced By An Independent Woman

God created man and woman equal. According to biology, their population ratio should remain equal too. Yet, we have to fight for our basic rights as somewhere along History, women became bleak slaves. With reclaimed freedom came some biased thoughts and judgments. Being independent women, do you also suffer through these 5 bias people follow?

Independent Woman
Thin Balancing Line Independent Women Face (Picture Credit: Sebastian Voortman)

Self-Centric v/s Self-Reliant

Independent women appear to be self-centric toward others. The classic definition of self-centered says someone who doesn’t care about the opinions of others. Allow me to break this myth bubble as new-age women are more of a self-reliant personality rather than selfish. 

Yes, we have our own opinions and choices. We might ask for your opinion and never follow it. That certainly makes us inquisitive but not selfish. The onus lies on us to be dependent on ourselves for our needs. It is for us not to care what it will make you feel about yourself. Truth be told, it is never about you. 

Other’s First v/s Me First

Most people are intimidated by liberated women on account of their me-first nature. They believe that when a woman puts her needs first over those of others, she won’t be able to do her primary job which is to take care of others. 

In reality, these women know how to prioritize their requirements. If you are in dire need of attention, we will surely give it to you. If something urgent comes up for us, we will arrange for all the care that you need. The only thing we won’t do is ignore our needs to satisfy yours at the expense of our peace of mind.

Dismissive v/s Assertive

A couple of decades ago, women were raised to be good listeners and followers. Parents used to teach household chores to their daughters. Slowly, a paradigm shift crept into Indian society. Parents started investing in the technical education of girl children. The phrases like ‘you might need it someday’ changed to ‘you should be economically independent’ gradually. 

Women were considered to be submissive till the last few decades. We would do whatever and however, we were told to. With education came a sense of dignity. Things started to change with education and professional escalation. We mustered the courage to be assertive in the way we carry ourselves. 

Today, we wouldn’t do something just because we are told to. Instead, we will resist a forced act if it doesn’t pass our logic gauge. Please note, that we are not dismissive but assertive of our rights and existence.

Homely v/s Career-Oriented

Women have been idolized as home-maker for a long. However, the table has turned. We are doing great work at a professional level. Although, we are subjected to performance bias; we are persistent and still proving our mantle.  

Being a working woman is like working a double shift. We have to take care of our home and family which is a full-time job in itself. Yet, we devote equal time to our work. Gone are the days when female workers used to knit sweaters or peel peas at the office. (Lol, those were some entertaining movies).

To survive the cut-throat competition, we need to be up for any challenge that work may throw at us. We wouldn’t let the comparison of our skills at home and work ruin our day. It is inhumane to blame us for being career-oriented when all we try to do is balance out both our responsibilities well.

Clingy v/s Care-free

Various cultures have promoted the role of women being the lead at the start of any relationship. However, we always ended up as puppets at the hand of our beloved for the sake of love. We have been termed as clingy in the past.

Thankfully, a wave of change has appeared. We seek love with a carefree attitude. We are there for you if you are there for us. You don’t need us; we don’t need you. As simple as a line. A line of self-sufficiency. 

This doesn’t imply we have started caring less but that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We wouldn’t waste our precious time sobbing about your inconsideration of our feelings. You want freedom; so do we! 


Independence is blissful. Yet, it comes wrapped up in responsibilities. As a lady of elegance, it is our moral duty to embrace our freedom in the right manner. We don’t need to disgrace someone else to prove our place in society. Neither do we need to keep justifying our stands. We are the women of the 21st century. We follow our hearts to keep our rightful place and dignity. Cheers to the modern, independent women within you!

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  1. Apoorva

    Soo truly feelings of every independent women pened down in words.

  2. Akanksha

    Some of them felt like my own story all that I face..but well said ” you want freedom so do we”.

  3. Chandni jain agarwal

    Well written👏👍

  4. Shruti

    Independence comes at a cost.

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