How to Beat Stress And Lead a Quality Life: Managing Work-Life Balance

How to beat stress and manage work-life

Life is short and beautiful!

However, the rise in living standards, expectations, and Westernization are fatal to human life. People are stressed due to performance pressure at studies, jobs, business, relationships, health, societal status, and much more. Some of us seek help to deal with the stress and get the right direction, while others do nothing about it and suffer.

Did you know India recorded a total of 7,62,648 suicides from 2018 to 2022, with student suicides making up 7.6% of this figure, totaling 59,239 cases? Numbers don’t look good for working professionals, either.

Anxiety, stress, and depression are eating up a significant portion of our young blood. This is alarming. Well, the good news is that we can learn how to beat stress and lead a quality life in a few simple steps. Let’s begin.

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5-Pointer Strategy on How to Beat Stress


In this fast-paced world, we are running after fulfilling our needs when we wake up. Remember when you last had the luxury of a peaceful 8-hour sleep?

If you continuously worry about your studies or job, you must first accept that it’s stress and then tackle it.

Identify Stressors

Identify the cause of your stress. 

Is your workload at your job excessive, and the unchecked to-do list giving you jitters?

Are increasing expenses making you worry about your financial health?

Is the course you have enrolled for is a ‘hard nut to crack,’ and the pressure of scoring well stopping you from performing even at average?

Identifying these stressors is the first step toward managing them.

Manage the Stressors

There are different ways to manage different stressors. Let’s understand some of them.

A. How to Handle Excessive Workload

If you work late on projects every day and every weekend, you know it’s time to talk to your manager. Prepare a list of your responsibilities, the approximate time to complete them individually, and how you feel the workload can be reduced. 

Here’s a list of some hacks that have worked for me:

  • Automation is an amazing tool that is easy to integrate into corporate life. Evaluate whether any of your projects or parts can be automated. 
  • Sometimes, other team members may align better with your project. There may be a possibility of reshuffling the roles to enhance productivity. 
  • If long meetings take up your time, you can ask management to optimize them for everyone’s benefit. A previously filled task list or agenda with individual updates saves much time.
  • If none of the above tips work, there’s always a good time to hit that “Apply Now” button on your favorite job portal.

B. How to Handle Financial Wellness

The cost of living in India is constantly rising. According to Statista,  Noida, the costliest Indian city, has a monthly cost of living for a family of four at INR 1,17,200, excluding rent. 

Looking at the numbers, it is evident that the new workforce may face stress in balancing their cash flows. Their salary may be sufficient for a standard of living, but at a cost of no financial security. The anxiety of saving and wealth creation while catering to your family’s desires can be daunting. 

You must open up with your family about the importance of financial wellness and how they can contribute to it. You can also bank on the power of compounding to explain to them how a little discomfort caused by ‘living within the means’ may lead to a secured mid- and retired life. 

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C. How to Handle Study Pressure

As an Indian student, studying and getting a high-paying job are the ultimate goals. In most cases, it’s also your parents’ goal. Sometimes, these expectations become burdens, and students crumble under performance pressure. 

  • Set realistic goals for each study session or day. Celebrate small victories to stay motivated and build momentum.
  • Practice stress management techniques like deep breathing, meditation, or yoga daily. Physical exercise can also help reduce stress and improve focus.
  • Ask teachers, classmates, or family members for help or clarification on complex topics. Join study groups or seek tutoring if needed.
  • Know that getting a high-paying job is your only option. With the advent of cross-functional specialties, the ease of learning through online courses, and the increasing startup culture, hiring managers look for knowledge beyond books. Develop the skills that ignite you; you already have a Plan B ready.

P.S.: I have a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and create finance-related content without any formal degree. I hope that helps!

D. How to Handle Family Pressure

Indian families are still co-dependent to an extent. This puts unrealistic pressure on the young generation as their aspirations do not satiate the family’s expectations. You may want to lead an independent life, explore your calling, reach a certain level professionally before settling down, and fulfill your moral obligations. 

If you find such discord, convey your thoughts to your family clearly. Present them with a blueprint for how you plan to realize your dreams so that they can fulfill theirs. 

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”- Will Durant

Can we become stress-resistant if we practice it?

While some stress is inevitable, adopting a healthy lifestyle helps combat it and prevents it from escalating disproportionately. Maintain a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and ensure you’re getting enough sleep. 

Practice mindfulness and meditation to help calm your mind. These techniques can help you stay focused on the present moment and reduce feelings of anxiety. Also, engage in hobbies/activities that you enjoy. This can relieve stress and help divert your mind from stressors.

Get Professional Help

If you have tried your best and stress becomes overwhelming, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Therapists and counselors are trained to help you deal with stress effectively, sometimes with simple mind tricks.

Good news: Seeking mental help is no longer a societal taboo. Online services have also eased the process of seeking help. Go get it now before it’s too late.

The Bottom Line

Given the rising stress levels among students and professionals in India, developing effective strategies to manage and overcome stress is crucial. Dealing with stress is an ongoing activity that can be incorporated into one’s routine. 

Remember, asking for help and taking breaks before a situation worsens is okay. Let us overcome Stress one day!


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