5 Uncommon iPhone Hacks to Make Hectic Life Easy

iPhone Hacks to Make Hectic Life Easy
iPhone Hacks to Make Hectic Life Easy

Do you need a Gennie who can unburden your busy life? I’m no Gennie but I could tell you the 5 uncommon iPhone hacks to make hectic life easy. Let’s roll and learn the astounding automation features of the iPhone!

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Scheduling WhatsApp Messages Without Paying an Extra Buck

Finishing a project late at night but can’t update your boss with the status through WhatsApp messages at odd hours? How do you wish you had a scheduling feature like emails without spending a buck on WhatsApp Business?

Well, you can now schedule your WhatsApp messages without running into the risk of forgetting important events. Here’s how?

iPhone Hacks to make hectic life easy
Schedule a WhatsApp Message Through Automation
  • Install the Shortcut app on your iPhone.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on Automation.
  • Click on “+” to add new automation followed by “Create Personal Automation”.
  • Click on Time of Day->Customise the desired time of message delivery ->Next-> Add Action-> Apps-> Select WhatsApp.
  • Click on Send Message-> Add to Shortcut-> Type in your Message and Recipient (s)-> Choose the frequency of the message-> Next.
  • You are all set.
Sending a Scheduled WhatsApp Message Made so Easy

There are many more automation features available on iPhone like hands-free photos, home ETA, creating a playlist and playing it automatically at a pre-set time, etc. Tap the full potential of Apple’s Shortcut App here!

Real Disconnect From the Internet World

I habitually turn off my mobile data and wi-fi at bedtime to avoid sleep disruptions. I’m a light sleeper, therefore, vibrate mode doesn’t work for me either. However, when I turn off the wi-fi from the control center, it reactivates at 5:00 AM without any human intervention. Ugh!

This feature is incredibly irritating if you have contacts from different time zones. Our 5 AM can be 6 PM for a friend around the other side of the earth. With iPhone, turning off the wi-fi from the control center just by toggling it temporarily. It uses the battery over time as well as springs back to life automatically. 

Remember the message when you disable wi-fi from the control center says “Disconnecting nearby wi-fi until tomorrow”. To disconnect your wi-fi, you have to take the longer route through settings and turn it off for complete functioning. Simple, isn’t it?

Finding Photos Quick and Easy

Finding Photos Quick and Easy
Finding Photos Quick and Easy

Are you someone who loves to capture every moment and whose gallery is so full that finding desired photos on time is a daunting task? 

Try adding captions to the photos and search for them a click later. Here’s how?

-Click on the ⓘ icon below the desired photo.

-Type a caption that’s easy to remember and done.

-Later in the photo gallery, click on the search button. Type the caption and access the desired photo within a fraction of a second.  

Tired of Re-entering the Whole Number in the Calculator for One Mistake?

Delete digits from the mobile calculator in iPhone
Playing With the Mobile Calculator

How frustrating is it to type in a number on your mobile calculator to realize you fed in the wrong digit?

With iPhone, you can easily remove the unit place digit by swiping left or right. So, swiping left or right works well for apps other than Tinder too. 

Should You Choose Between a Photo or a Video?

Ask yourself, Why not both?

You don’t want to miss out on your father’s birthday photos while making a video of the cake cutting, do you? With an iPhone, it’s easy to click singles while the video is in progress by clicking on the white shutter icon next to the red one. There you go. Enjoy both the photos and the video of the same event.

However, you may have to keep a photo editing app handy as the photos will be of inferior quality. That’s because the video camera’s sensor carries out all the work. This seems like a fair trade-off between the photos and the quality, something that is easy to fix.

Sometimes, we are unaware of the full features of our electronic gadgets despite using them for years. These utilities make our life smooth and make us realize what we have been missing to date. Do let me know in the comments if you found these hacks useful.

Stay tuned to keep reading awesome lifestyle hacks!

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